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Driven Point Wells Used for Drinking Water
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Driven Point Wells Used for Drinking Water

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Definition of driven point well

A driven-point well – sometimes called a “sand point” – is a small diameter well made by connecting lengths of 1-1/4” or 2” diameter steel pipe together with threaded couplings. Threaded to the bottom of the string of pipe is a drive-point well screen.

The screen is usually 2 to 3 feet long with a hardened steel tip or “drive-point” at the bottom. The purpose of the screen is to allow groundwater to flow into the well but keep the surrounding sand out. Water can then be pumped up through the pipe to the surface.

The hardened steel drive-point tip allows the well to be more easily driven into the ground. The pipe and drive-point resemble a long spear. 

Visual characteristics of different well types
Casing size Description

10–20cm (4–8 in.)
Drilled well (most locations)

Note: Natural gas wells use similar-type casing.
Very small-diameter

2.5–5 cm (1–2in.)
Sand-point well (if located in a shallow, sandy area)

Note: Natural gas wells use similar-type casing.

60–120cm (24–48 in.)
Often called a bored or dug well

微信截图_20240418135500 Driven wells

The driven well consists of a pointed perforated pipe or a pipe with a pointed well screen attached which has been driven into an aquifer.

The pipe with pointed well screen is driven into place in much the same way a nail is driven into wood. Normally special pipe with thick walls and specially designed couplings are used to resist the driving forces.

Under suitable conditions this method can yield a finished well in a very short time. While the well diameter is normally small and the yield relatively low, a number of driven wells may be coupled together and pumped with a single pump.

Because driven wells are quick to construct, they may be used as a temporary source of water and then be pulled up when no longer needed. Driven well points may be installed and used for de watering an excavation during construction.

Watch out: all of these shallow, small-diameter wells, found usually just where soils are highly permeable and sandy, are tapping shallow groundwater where surface runoff contamination of the aquifer is likely: these wells are vulnerable to contamination from above. Well water from a driven point well or other shallow well should be regularly tested for potability.

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