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Wedge Wire Cylinder


Wedge Wire Cylinder Wedge Wire Cylinder
Wedge Wire Cylinder Wedge Wire Cylinder
Wedge Wire Cylinder Wedge Wire Cylinder
Wedge Wire Cylinder Wedge Wire Cylinder
Wedge Wire Cylinder Wedge Wire Cylinder


Wedge Wire Cylinder

Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder for solid-liquid separation
Rotary drum screen / Reinforced wedge wire cylinder Rotary drum screen also called wedge wire cylinder, it is made of stainless steel V shaped wires and support rods,the support rods and each intersection of wedge wire is welded for extra strength and durability .It is used to mechanically separate liquids from solid particles, it can be produced to suit the needs of each individual site and the nature of the suspended solids.
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The Working Principle And Specific Application of Coanda Screen

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We participated in the 2024 Achema exhibition in Germany

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Hebei Slot Filter Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of stainless steel V-shaped wedge wire filter products with high filtration accuracy, non-clogging, easy cleaning, low maintenance costs and long life.



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