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How to Quickly Select the Appropriate Wedge Wire Specifications?
*Slot Sizes
Slot size: 20 micron to 3000 micron(Tolerance:±5 micron),etc.
Our wedge wire screen diameter ranges from 1" to 48". You can choose corresponding screen diameter according to your specific application requirements.
*Construction Profiles
We can offer a wide range of surface profile wire and support rod combinations. The full range of apertures between the wires and rods allow us to design a screen according to our customers' technical or structural specifications.
*Filter direction
The direction of the filtering flow is determined by the position of the surface profiles in relation to the support profiles.Wedge wire tubes are either flow out to in (FOTI) or flow in to out(FITO).
Select Right Surface & Support Profiles
*Understand Your Application
-Clearly define the purpose of the wedge wire screen. Determine whether it's for filtration, separation, sizing, dewatering, or another application.
-Identify the characteristics of the fluid or material you're dealing with, including particle size distribution, flow rate,pressure,temperature, and chemical compatibility.
*Define Filtration Requirements
-Determine the desired filtration or separation efficiency. What size particles or solids do you need to retain, and what size must pass through?
-Consider any special requirements, such as high flow rates, high temperatures, or aggressive chemicals
*Select Surface Profile
Design:The V-shaped profile of the wires creates slots between them, allowing liquids to pass through while retaining solids above a certain size. The size of these slots can be customized based on the specific application requirements.
*Select Support Profile
Function: Support rods provide structural support to the wedge wire screen, holding the surface wires in place and maintaining the screen's integrity under pressure.
Selecting the right material grade for wedge wire screen
Selecting the right material grade for wedge wire screen is critical to achieving optimal performance and longevity in various industrial processes.Careful consideration of factors like operating environment, abrasion resistance, chemical compatibility, and cost can help ensure that the chosen material meets the specific needs of your application. We list the key factors to consider when choosing materials for wedge wire screens and provides insights into the most commonly used materials:
*Factors to consider
-Abrasion Resistance
-Chemical Compatibility
-Strength and Durability
-Cost Considerations
Appropriate Slot Sizes Selection of Wedge Wire Screens
*Understand Your Application Requirements
Determine the specific requirements of your application. It affects the material and slot size selection and you should know the following conditions:
-What type of material or particles do you need to filter or separate?
-What is the desired flow rate?
-What are the temperature and pressure conditions?
*Define Slot Size
The slot size refers to the width of the openings or slots between the V-shaped wires on the wedge wire screen.This parameter is crucial for filtration. It is typically measured in microns (μm) or millimeters (mm).
To choose the appropriate slot size, consider the size of the particles you want to separate or filter. Select a slot size that is smaller than the particles you wish to retain.

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