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Slot Filter Nozzle for Fine Filtration
We provide wedge wire screen filter nozzles for a company that produces fine chemicals. These slot filter nozzles are used in the reaction vessels, drainage devices, or bottom collector of sand filters and carbon filters in ion exchangers to effectively separate solids and liquids and prevent clogging.
Basic Information and Specification
Company: A manufacturer of fine chemicals
Products: wedge wire screen filter nozzle
Material: ASTM SS316L
Screen slots: 0.1 mm
Screen outside diameter: 2"
Overall Length: 8"
Nipple: 1" NPT male threaded, 1-1/4" length
Remarks: Other details according to the shop drawing from 
Finished Products Photo & Packing
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Hebei Slot Filter Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of stainless steel V-shaped wedge wire filter products with high filtration accuracy, non-clogging, easy cleaning, low maintenance costs and long life.



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