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Wedge Wire Filter Element
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Wedge Wire Filter Element

  • Resin Trap
    Resin traps also named as media traps,are designed to install on either existing and new build strainer bodies to capture the media and resins from loss and prevent them from traveling downstream.
  • Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies
    Wedge wire screen laterals and pipe based laterals can be connected to distributor headers and spider hubs by standard NPT thread, fabricated flange, ANSI connections, and can be offered as fully welded assemblies.
  • Conical Centrifuge Basket
    Wedge wire centrifuge basket are manufactured out of one or more flat screens that are rolled and welded together.The slot direction is conventionally axial and the filtration direction FITO,however FOTI and radial slot is also possible depending on the requirement of the customer.Conical baskets can be equipped with flanges,reinforcements or special fittings.
  • SS Filter Nozzel
    The stainless steel filter nozzle is composed of wedge wires that are welded with support rods. It is a new generation of water treatment equipment that helps users solve the worries of the original plastic filter nozzle. The material for wedge wire filter nozzles: 304, 304L,316, 316L, and other alloys according to the application.
    Type of wedge wire nozzle : Single wedge wire nozzle , Double wedge wire nozzle.
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