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Coanda Screen & Water intake screen
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Coanda Screen & Water intake screen

  • Coanda Intake Screen
    Coanda Intake Screen is also called Coanda Hydro Screen,provide self-cleaning with the special geometry based on the Coanda Effect.It can prevent the sediment,sticks,rock,and dirt with the small-sized openings with no-moving parts and no power requirement.
  • Water Intake Screen
    Intake screens,also called passive intake screens and wedge wire intake screens,are constructed of non-plugging V-shaped wires with continuous and smooth slots.Point welded onto the wedge wire support rod,intake screen supply large open area and low velocity flow through the entire screen surface.This reduces impingement and entertainment of debris while protecting aquatic life.The slot width ranges from 1 mm to 10 mm(0.04"to 0.4")and 3 mm(0.12")is the most common.Intake screens are regarded as the first safeguard of intake system to keep fish safe and protect pumps and turbines from harmful debris.They are both efficient and environmentally safe.
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