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Sintered Filter Element
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Sintered Filter Element

  • Sintered Wire Mesh Filter
    Sintered mesh filter  are made from multi-layers sintered wire mesh, usually 5-layer stainless steel wire mesh. Our sintered filter cartridges has more strong structure, fine permeability and accurate filter precision, easy back wash cleaning. Beside above mentioned benefits, sintered mesh cartridges are resistance to corrosion, high temperature, and high pressure.
  • Metal Powder Sintered filter Element
    The sintered metal powder filter element uses metal powder as raw material and does not require the addition of binders. After cold isostatic pressing, it is made by high-temperature vacuum sintering. By selecting the metal powder particle size and process parameters, the pore size and distribution of the component can be adjusted. Utilize the pore structure, material composition, compressive strength and other characteristics of different filter materials to develop filtration products that ultimately suit the needs of users.
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