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The Working Principle And Specific Application of Coanda Screen
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The Working Principle And Specific Application of Coanda Screen

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COANDA Effect Screens

Coanda Intake Screen, also called Coanda Hydro Screen, provide self-cleaning with the special geometry based on the Coanda Effect phenomenon. The Coanda screen is capable to enable liquid-solid separation with high filtration performance. The hydro screen prevents the sediment, sticks, rock, and dirt with the small-sized openings with no-moving parts and no power requirement.


Principle of Coanda Intake Screen

Flowing media have the property of sticking to flat or convex surfaces according to the Coanda effect. Example of flowing water on a spoon: If you hold a spoon in a stream of water, the water follows its curved surface and leaves it in a different direction than it came. You can feel the associated force that pulls the spoon into the jet of water. Our Coanda screens work on the same principle.

Water flows through this gap between the V-shaped wedge wires by blocking other particles. Thus, the gap width and the angle of inclination define both the capacity and the filtration performance. In addition, the curved shape of the Coanda screen helps ensure that the filtration process is accurately completed by the flow forces exerted. Unwanted particles such as sediment, rock and sticks follow the curved shape with this applied force. As a result, it provides self-cleaning.

In the design of the Coanda Screen, important parameters such as tilt angle, open gap, acceleration plate and curved screen must be taken into account. Because more gaps and high tilt angle cause poor filtration performance but high capacity. Thus, an undesirable situation occurs with ineffective filtration performance.

To avoid this poor filtration performance, important parameters such as gap, tilt angle and curve of the Coanda Screen must be calculated, designed and manufactured accurately for the best utilization of the Coanda Intake Screen.


  • Hydroelectric Plants

  • Drinking Water
  • Agricultural Applications

  • Snowmaking Machines
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Dewatering




Drinking Water


 Water Treatment




Snowmaking Machines

Hebei Slot Filter Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of Coanda Intake Screen for projects with a skilled and experienced engineering team. We are able to manufacture a project-specific Coanda Screen to satisfy your requirements. Our main objective is to give the best service for the utilization of the Coanda Screen for your application.

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