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We Are at ACHEMA 2024 - A Grand Event for The Process Industry
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We Are at ACHEMA 2024 - A Grand Event for The Process Industry

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We attended  the 2024 Achema exhibition in Germany

Booth number: Hall 5 A1-1

Time: 10 - 14 June 2024

Achema Exhibition - a flagship event that drives sustainable development in the global chemical/biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry/fields

Exhibition description:

The German International Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology Exhibition ACHEMA,  is hosted by the German ACHEMA Chemical Industry and Biotechnology Association and is held every three years. Since the first session was held in 1920, it has been successfully held for 31 times. Achema has gone through a glorious history of 96 years. It is undoubtedly the top forum of the world's process industry recognized by its performance. It is the largest and most influential professional exhibition in the fields of chemical industry, environmental protection and biotechnology.

Range of exhibition:

Complete production equipment for chemical engineering and biotechnology; industrial and labor protection equipment; laboratory and analytical technology; training materials, information; material technology and testing; mechanical processing equipment; pharmaceuticals, packaging, storage.

Our company participated in this year's German Achema exhibition with a strong lineup. The company's exhibition team carefully arranged the exhibition with many highlights and brought together many innovative exhibits, showing the company's good image to the world.

Exhibited products:

  • Water Well Drive Point/ Perforated Metal Pipe/ Johnson Screen Tube /Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder/ HYDAC Wedge Wire Filter Element /Water Well Screen/

  • Starch Pressure DSM Screen/Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen/

  • Johnson Screen Support Grid/Wedge Wire Flat Panel/Perforated Metal Sheet/Micro-perforated Metal

  • SS Filter Nozzle/Wedge Wire Lateral Assemblies/CentrifugalBasket/Conical Basket/Resin Traps

  • Metal Powder Sintered Filter Element/Folded Sintered Mesh Filter Element

  • Coanda Screen & Water intake screen /Corn Steeping Tank


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