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Appropriate Slot Sizes Selection of Wedge Wire Screens
Selecting the appropriate wedge wire screen products based on slot size (also known as slot aspect ratio) is crucial for achieving the desired filtration or separation performance in your specific application. 
Here are some suggestions to help you select the right wedge wire products based on slots aspect:
 -Understand your application requirements
  • -Define slot size
-Consider slot aspect ratio
Understand Your Application Requirements​​​​​​​
Determine the specific requirements of your application. It affects the material and slot size selection and you should know the following conditions:

-What type of material or particles do you need to filter or separate?
-What is the desired flow rate?
-What are the temperature and pressure conditions?
Define Slot Size​​​​​​​
The slot size refers to the width of the openings or slots between the V-shaped wires on the wedge wire screen. This parameter is crucial for filtration. It is typically measured in microns (μm) or millimeters (mm).
To choose the appropriate slot size, consider the size of the particles you want to separate or filter. Select a slot size that is smaller than the particles you wish to retain.
Here, we list the common used slot sizes for your reference, if you have drawings or detailed requirements, just contact us for additional information.
Consider Slot Aspect Ratio​​​​​​​
Slot aspect ratio is the ratio of the slot width to the wire width. It affects the strength and rigidity of the wedge wire screen.

Higher aspect ratios result in narrower slots and can provide better filtration efficiency for smaller particles. However, screens with very high aspect ratios may be less durable. Lower aspect ratios result in wider slots and are more robust but may not filter as finely.
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