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Wedge wire screens are widely used in the field of food filtration
Wedge wire screens are widely used in food filtration applications and can be divided into: filtration, separation, drying, dehydration and other links.


Air is constantly passed through the wedge wire screen plates plate, keeping the grain fresh and drying quickly. By improving the ventilation of the grain bin, the grain can quickly remove moisture and prevent bacterial growth. As a result, the grain is stored in good conditions as a seed, resulting in higher grain yields.

When storing food, it may be mixed with impurities such as debris, pebbles, and particles. We can determine the notch size of the wedge wire screen plate according to the size of the grain, and screen out the impurities to ensure the cleanliness of the grain.
Wedge wire screen plates solves problems for the brewing industry
In the filtration process in the brewing or distillation industry, wedge wire screens are the preferred, advanced false bottom construction. The unique "V" shaped profile of the stainless steel wire components ensures that the solids remain "outside the wort" where they belong. Filtration and proper flow of wort are achieved at the same time, allowing easy extraction for recycling, turbidity testing, and finally boiling.
Wedge wire screen advantages:
       High strength, corrosion resistance
      Food/beverage grade approved, safe to use
     Not easy to clog, low maintenance cost
     Long service life

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