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Complete Understanding of Johnson Screen Tube/ Johnson Screen Filter
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Complete Understanding of Johnson Screen Tube/ Johnson Screen Filter

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Johnson screen tube is made of stainless steel V-shaped wire wound, filter hole uniform with large flow area, good filtration performance, at the same time, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, aging, corrosion and other advantages.

1, high mechanical strength, can withstand large pressure difference;

2. The filter gap is uniform, and a relatively uniform filter cake can be formed, which is conducive to backwashing and regeneration;

3, wedge filter gap, can improve the backwash regeneration capacity;

4, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, aging, corrosion, can be applied to a variety of fluids.

5, metal wedge mesh filter element using metal wedge mesh (Johnson tube) as a filter element, with high mechanical strength, high pressure difference, easy to wash and regeneration advantages; The nearly two-dimensional filter screen has no dead Angle of particle accumulation, and the wedge gap can gather backwashing energy during backwashing, and the backwashing effect is good.

Application: The product is suitable for waxy oil, asphalt, diesel oil, beer, and oil with high viscosity. Widely used in power chemical industry, natural gas Wells, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, mining, paper, environmental protection, metallurgy, food, sand control, decoration and other industries in the water treatment of coarse filter and fine filter projects.

Application: The products are widely used in various filter screens, water treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment, intermediate drainage device, water intake device, water cap, petrochemical equipment and so on.


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