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Starch Expo 2023 in Shanghai
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Starch Expo 2023 in Shanghai

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We attended the Starch Expo 2023 in Shanghai

Booth no.:7.1H08

Time:19th-21th June 2023

We successfully showed our high quality wedge wire sieve bend screen-----Pressure Arc Sieve Bend Screen,used for corn starch fiber separation,washinig and dewatering etc.

To provide customers with EPC complete solutions

Completely solve the problem of clogging and leaking corn,improve fermentation effect,and improve starch production

Hebei Slot Filter Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hebei Slot Filter Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of stainless steel V-shaped wedge wire filter products with high filtration accuracy, non-clogging, easy cleaning, low maintenance costs and long life.



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